Moms Benefit From Daycare, Too!

While there have been many studies showing that quality preschool programs give children a headstart in their schooling and early friendships, there haven’t been many studies showing the benefits of daycare for parents.

Recently, University of Chicago sociologist Mario Small conducted a national survey of “3,500 mothers in 20 large U.S. cities, a survey of 300 childcare centers in New York City, 67 in-depth interviews with mothers who had enrolled their children in childcare, and 23 case studies and observations of specific childcare centers.”

Small discovered that mothers with children enrolled in childcare had:

  • fewer financial hardship
  • less likely to experience non-clinical depression
  • greater friendships with other parents

Specifically, Small noted that poor mothers with friendships at childcare centers were 40% less likely to be depressed; wealthy mothers were 60% less likely to be depressed.  Mothers of higher income who had friendships through childcare centers reduced their likelihood of material hardship by 40%.

Small even found that “hi and bye” friendships were valuable, as they identified other mothers as being trustworthy since their child was enrolled in the same center.

Additionally, Small found that “enrolling a child in childcare opened up a world of other resources: access to free healthcare through referrals to government-funded health programs that they might not otherwise have known about, help with finding housing and filing taxes, domestic abuse counseling, museum discounts, and referrals to resources like learning disability experts.”

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