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Children’s Academy Childcare and Preschool

The Best Childcare Center in Dixie!

  • Address

    8021 Dixie Hwy, Ste 108
    Louisville, KY 40258

  • Contact Us

    (502) 409-5280

  • Hours

    6:30am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

  • Ages

    Ages 6 weeks to 12 years

  • Leading childcare center and preschool proudly serving the Dixie area of Louisville since 2015
  • Conveniently located right on Dixie Highway
  • Accepts KY Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP)
  • Safe and secure facility with security cameras located in each classroom, observation windows into each classroom and secure coded entry

“Welcome to Children’s Academy! We have been providing quality childcare services for our families in the Dixie and Pleasure Ridge Park areas of Louisville since 2015.

We understand the importance of early years in supporting a child’s development, and the trust and confidence placed in us by parents. We are proud to offer a safe and caring environment created in our purpose-built childcare facility, conveniently located on Dixie Highway.

We would love to show you around our school. Please feel free to contact us and arrange to pop in for a visit.”

Saria Goodman, Director


Age Groups



We thank you for putting your trust in us to care for, nurture and love your baby. You will find primary and black and white colors that are stimulating to newborns strategically placed in the infant suite décor. Your baby will enjoy cuddling to look at simple picture books and having conversations with our teachers. They will develop their large and small motor skills through a variety of age appropriate activities. There will be plenty of time in your baby’s future for structure and discipline. During these early months, protection, comfort, stimulation and loving care will be the key to your baby’s development and in providing you ease of mind.



It is so exciting that your baby is now walking and exploring the unknown! Developmentally appropriate stimuli are highly important. Through imitation, your toddler will develop early language skills. Motor skills will develop through voluntary movement. We will provide a safe and loving environment for your toddler.

Early Preschool

Early Preschool


Two is a wonderful age! Your toddler has developed language skills and is learning to be part of a group. Children are starting to grow into their independence. They will enjoy the various learning centers such as library space, blocks, dramatic play, puzzles, music, dance and art. In most cases, children begin potty training at this age and we will work with you on this effort.



(Three’s and Four’s)

We love our “three-nagers” and “fournados”! This is an age in which your child needs physical activity, appropriate challenges, easily followed structure, interaction with friends and exposure to outside experiences. You will find a well-rounded variety of activities where your child can learn their alphabets, recognize colors and shapes, count, learn sequencing and sorting patterns and practice writing their names and small words. They will learn language skills and how to socialize with their peers in group situations. They will develop their fine motor skills through creative play.



Our school agers are the big brothers and sisters of our school! We provide plenty of activities, books and educational content to keep our school agers stimulated throughout their stay. Most JCPS elementary schools bus to our facility.

We are proud partners of Brightwheel, the leading platform for early childhood education. With Brightwheel, our parents are able to stay connected with real-time updates and get a peep into the classroom experience. Our parents are also able to make secure, electronic payments through Brightwheel and have full transparency into their account statements.

Parent Handbook