Daycare Encourages Independence

In order to grow into a well-rounded, responsible adult who contributes to society, a child needs to have appropriate independence. This can begin earlier than you might think!

In a daycare setting, children don’t have their parents or other relatives around. They must rely on themselves to communicate with teachers and other classmates. Children given age-appropriate tasks are encouraged to persevere until the task is complete, while a stay-at-home parent might do the job for them.

Children of all ages learn to contribute to the smooth functioning of the classroom, even from the time they can walk. They can get out markers for craft time, wipe the tables for mealtime, and clean up toys. Children in a preschool program can further grow in their independence as they learn to take responsibility for their own learning.

Independence benefits your child throughout their life. From chores and schoolwork to their first job and career, independence is a wonderful character trait. Independence helps your child take responsibility for their own actions and gives them pride in their work.

At Children’s Academy Childcare and Preschool, we encourage healthy independence habits that will benefit children for years to come!


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