Does Daycare Improve My Child’s Health?

Every parent wants their child to be healthy, both now and in the future. How can we help our children achieve their best health? Although it may surprise you, daycare and preschool programs can help set your child up for a healthy life!

Good Nutrition

Kids who stay at home have more control over their meals and tend to eat a narrow diet of a few favorite foods. However, kids in our daycare have carefully crafted meals that incorporate all major food groups and expose them to many different flavors and textures. This encourages kids to try new foods and have a balanced diet, which helps them grow healthy and strong.

Routine Health Checks

It’s easy to get behind on helpful preventative health measures, such as vaccinations and routine pediatrician health visits. However, enrollment in daycare and preschool programs gives structure and accountability so your children receive all the health attention they need.

Good Germs

While it’s true that children in daycare and preschool programs encounter many germs, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Over the course of their young lives, children will encounter and conquer many germs. Coming in contact with germs at an early age helps build a strong immune system. It also prevents them from missing school or disrupting family routines once the child is in elementary school.


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