Researching New Daycare Options

If you’re in the market for a new daycare but feel overwhelmed about where to start, here’s a quick guide for researching new daycare options. 

Know the Types of Childcare

First things first, educate yourself on the types of childcare. These include:

  • Daycare or child care center
  • In-home childcare 
  • Head Start and Early Head Start
  • Prekindergarten programs
  • School-age programs, such as the YMCA
  • Military families child care options
  • Informal home childcare, such as from a family or friend

While daycare is the most accessible and affordable childcare option, it may be worth looking into other choices to fit the needs of your family best. 

For instance, some children may do better in a smaller class size such as in-home childcare while others may enjoy larger groups at a daycare. At the same time, children who desire fewer playmates may benefit from exposure to larger groups so the transition to kindergarten isn’t overwhelming.  

Know Kentucky’s Resources

Each state has different requirements for childcare. These differences may be things like teacher-to-child ratios or sanitation standards. 

Knowing Kentucky’s standards will help you evaluate whether the daycare you’re considering is quality. For instance, a daycare may have passed the state’s standards to be licensed but has relaxed its everyday standards after licensure. These daycares should be avoided as it puts your child in a potentially harmful or dangerous environment.

To find out Kentucky’s resources and licensure standards, click here

Find Daycares in Your Area

One of the hardest parts of researching daycares is finding all the childcare options available in your area. Sometimes the search bar or map app isn’t sufficient to find the childcare gems. 

Kynect makes it easy to find local daycares with their search bar. You can search by location, zip code, name, and license number. 

Once you have a list of daycares in your area, you can start to delve more deeply into choosing a quality daycare that best fits the needs of your family.

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