How To Choose the Best Childcare for Your Family

Choosing the right childcare for your family can feel like an overwhelming task. While it does take extra work upfront, there’s great satisfaction in finding the best childcare fit and confidence in the childcare provided.

Here are some beginning steps to choosing childcare.

Explore Types of Childcare 

There are many options for childcare. You could hire a friend or nanny, or enroll in home childcare or daycare. 

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of childcare. For instance, a nanny service provides one-on-one care, but is generally more expensive than daycare or home childcare. Daycare doesn’t provide the same one-on-one experience as a nanny, but it develops social skills, provides early childhood education, and has dependable hours. 

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Make a List of Options

Next, make a list of potential childcare options. You can do this by using a search page or with

Write down the details for each option, such as the location, operating hours, cost, and inspection records. Cross out anything that isn’t a good fit and arrange the options by first to last preference.

It can be challenging to keep each facility’s specifics organized. Making a Pro/Con list can be helpful in evaluating each option. Once a facility’s cons begin to outweigh the pros, cross it off your list. 

Investigate Each Option

Starting with your highest preference, further investigate each option:

  • License: Check the facility’s license status. Each facility should update its license annually. See if the facility has ever had a license revoked or suspended.
  • Inspection Reports: Dive deeper into the inspection reports. Check if the facility had any health or safety violations and if the facility fixed them. 
  • Ratings: Read customer reviews and ratings to see others’ experiences at the facility. You should also be able to view any child care complaints. 

After further investigation, you may find that you can cross off more options or even rearrange your preference list.

Contact and Visit Each Option

With your revised preference list in hand, contact each option through email or a phone call. Have a list of questions ready, such as:

  • Availability
  • Confirming full-time and part-time prices
  • How illnesses, medications, and first-aid situations are handled
  • School closure policies
  • Disciplinary measures

If the childcare option gives satisfactory answers, then arrange a visit. Some websites (like ours!) give virtual tours, but it’s best to see the childcare facility in person. Then you will know how to get there, the surrounding area, and whether you like the atmosphere of the building and staff. 

Make a Final Decision

Unless your decision is time-sensitive, give yourself a few days before making a final decision. Discuss your findings with your partner, friend, or family member. Most childcare facilities will allow a second visit if you’d like to ask more questions or see the facility again.

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