Advantages of Preschool Relationships

Every day your preschooler grows exponentially. They’re learning letters and numbers, can remember every line from their favorite movie, can ride a bike or scooter, and make handmade cards.

Children grow in these areas when they are given opportunities and gently challenged. They solidify their learning experiences by applying new skills in different scenarios. For instance, your child may know their ABCs in their favorite book at home, but seeing letters in a new font in a library book is exciting, challenging, and helps them apply their new skills.

Social skills are equally as important. Children need various social settings to play, problem solve, and grow in their social skills. Daycare and preschool are one of the best settings to accomplish this!

Foster Empathy

An age-appropriate milestone is empathy–the ability to feel how someone else feels. Empathy is challenging for many children. It can be hard to correctly interpret facial expressions, body language, tone, and words, and then have compassion towards their friend. Children who have extra practice are more likely to be empathetic.

Encourage Flexibility

Every relationship needs flexibility! Children must learn to problem-solve, resolve conflict, share, and compromise. Preschool relationships can help children learn to find the best solution for everyone, a skill that benefits them long past preschool.

Practice Essential Social Skills

Forming new relationships can be awkward and scary! But with ample opportunities, children can learn how to introduce themselves, ask questions, apologize, and play by the rules. These foundational skills are crucial not just for kindergarten, but for their whole life.



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