Top Daycare Benefits for Infants

We are exceptionally proud to offer children a wonderful early childhood education in our preschool program at Children’s Academy Childcare and Preschool. However, that doesn’t mean daycare only has benefits for preschoolers!

In fact, daycare has benefits for every age group.

While it might not seem like daycare can make a difference in infanthood, it does! Here are some top ways daycare can benefit your baby, even before they’re a year old:

Social Interaction

Babies are social creatures! Not only do they enjoy social interaction, but this is also the primary way they learn. Almost every experience a baby has occurs in the context of social interaction, from reading books and playing with toys, to learning how to interact with other babies and adults.

Schedule and Routine

While there is room for flexibility with naps and feeding, our nursery still has designated times for certain activities. This helps babies learn a routine, which helps them sleep and eat better and be happier babies.

Stronger Immune System

While daycare can sometimes get a bad rap about children being sick frequently, this isn’t a bad thing! Babies who are around germs develop strong immune systems faster than peers who do not attend daycare. This pays off in the long run when children go to school. Often, children who were enrolled in daycare before kindergarten have fewer sick days since they have stronger immune systems.


Instead of piecing together childcare between your significant other, family, and friends, your baby will flourish under the consistency and stability of a daycare environment. Your baby will have no anxiety about who is watching them that day, which makes separation easier for both of you.


Children’s Academy Childcare and Preschool is proud to offer an outstanding curriculum that is educational, fun, and prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking to give your child a head start in school, contact Children’s Academy Childcare and Preschool today!

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