Expressive Art for Children: The Benefits

Parents instinctively know the importance of art for their children. From the time they are born, children are surrounded by various colors, shapes, and artwork: a trendy nursery, a colorful play mat, light-up toys, mirrors, and more!

Children are drawn to colorful objects, books, and games. Children can outwardly express their creativity with paint, play-doh, coloring materials, stickers, and more as they grow.

But are there scientifically-proven benefits of early artistic expression and cultivation? Keep reading to learn three ways art aids in child development.

Development of Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are essential for all of life: using utensils at mealtimes, buttoning shirts and using zippers, properly holding and manipulating a pencil for schoolwork, and so much more. One of the best ways to develop fine motor skills is through art.

Children initially use crayons, markers, and paintbrushes in broad and uncoordinated strokes. But the more exposure and practice children have, the faster they develop fine motor skills and coordination. Not only does this result in adorable artwork for your fridge, but it also gives your child an advantage in kindergarten.

Builds Autonomy

Every art teacher has can tell you about the diversity in children’s art. For instance, if children are to make a Christmas card for their parents, each child will have a completely unique interpretation and execution of the task.

This individual expression of artistic ability builds a child’s self-esteem and autonomy. Children learn to express their unique voices through art.

Builds Creativity

While this is the most obvious, it’s worth mentioning! The more exposure children have to various art forms, the more their confidence and creativity grow. But this is only possible when children are given the materials to experiment and grow their skills.

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