Does Preschool Prepare My Child For School?

Many parents wonder and worry if preschool really prepares their children for school. Not only does preschool gently prepare children for the routine and expectations of a formal classroom setting, but preschool also has many positive life-long benefits.

Take a look at just a few ways preschool benefits your child.

Children Enrolled in Preschool Have a Head Start

A quality preschool that sets proper expectations and routines gives children a head start in the following areas:

  • Academically: The curriculum gives children extra time to thoroughly solidify their understanding of colors, numbers, letters, shapes, and more
  • Socially: Children learn how to interact with their peers, solve problems, and have a broader collective imagination during play
  • Physically: Preschool gives opportunities for children to develop gross and fine motor skills through various activities and games

Preschool Children Are Better At Self-Regulating Behavior

New research from the journal of Child Development reveals that children who attend a quality preschool are more likely than nonattenders to have positive self-regulating behavior. This is when the child overcomes impulses and makes good choices. When children are able to self-regulate their emotions and behavior, they have the greatest potential for academic learning and strong relationships.

Preschool Encourages Broad Vocabulary

Preschool encourages a more robust vocabulary in several ways. First, children are introduced to quality books and literature during storytime, which allows children to learn new and interesting words. Second, the diversity of classmates in preschool allows children to hear thoughts and ideas expressed in new ways.

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