Daycare Encourages Autonomy and Independence

There are pros and cons to any childcare situation. For instance, parents who stay home with their children have control over their child’s daily routine. However, it’s also easy to let routines slide and children do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Additionally, while it can be a wonderful thing for children to be around their parents all day, this isn’t going to benefit them in the long run. Whether we like it or not, children grow up and are off to their first day of kindergarten, then getting their driver’s license, and off to college and beyond.

It’s good for children to foster autonomy and independence, which will benefit them as they take baby steps towards adulthood.

When a child stays home with their parents, they may be delayed in learning key skills, such as motor planning and perseverance, because they have quick access to their parent. The child may also have limited exposure to interests, books, and peer relationships.

On the other hand, daycare and preschool programs create a safe and controlled space where children have the freedom to develop interests, skills, friendships, and academic achievements. They learn to do things for themselves and to help others. They learn who they are as people and how they fit in with their classmates.

Finally, children have an established routine. This gives them the structure to maximize their learning and growth.

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