3 Reasons Summer is the Best Time to Enroll Kids in Daycare

If you’re considering putting your child in daycare, you may wonder when it is the best time to enroll. While Children’s Academy takes children as young as six weeks, most pediatricians consider six months to be the youngest beneficial age to enroll an infant in daycare. 

Parents of early preschool children (around the age of three to five) who seek to enroll their child in an early educational program consider the beginning of the school year to be the best time for enrollment. However, there are compelling reasons to enroll during the summertime before the school year begins. Let’s examine each below!

Gradual Change

Change is hard for young children, especially if they have stayed home with a parent all their life. Starting school in the fall is an overwhelming change and they may not grasp academic concepts like they should because they’re trying to learn the schedule and new social rules. This can put them behind before they can even get started! 

Enrolling a child in a daycare program over the summer will help them better prepare for an academic experience in the fall. Children can become accustomed to a daytime routine without their parent, so going to school won’t feel overwhelming. This will yield better academic results because the child will be comfortable and able to focus on their learning. 

Children’s Academy offers enrollment on a full or part-time basis, which means that your child can attend Children’s Academy a few days a week. This is the perfect solution for a shy child! They can still have a few days with their parent but gradually ease into a full-time schedule by the fall. This boosts the child’s confidence, which allows them to focus on their education.

Even better, Children’s Academy has an early preschool program, so your child doesn’t have to learn any new routines, teachers, or friends in August. They can stay in their new comfort zone, which makes the schooling experience less stressful for your child–and you!

Summer Work Solution

Most jobs don’t take a summer vacation, which makes childcare challenging for many parents! Even if you wanted to stay home with your child every day, practically speaking, it’s impossible: you still need to work.

You might be able to juggle a childcare schedule between relatives, friends, educational camps, and VBS events, but it’s a Jenga puzzle that could collapse the moment the adult slated to watch your kid gets sick, has car trouble, or has to work a longer shift. What happens to your child and your job?

The far simpler solution is to enroll your child in Children’s Academy. We are open6:30 AM-6 PM, which gives you tremendous flexibility to get all your work (and a few child-free errands) done so you can be fully present with your child when they are home. 

Unlike the constant shuffling of babysitters, Children’s Academy is open rain or shine to care for your child.  You can rest easy knowing that you have a reliable childcare solution. 

Our teachers will be consistent familiar faces instead of a shuffling of babysitters. Many parents and children enjoy the relationships they build at Children’s Academy so much that they continue with after-school care once school begins!

Keeps Brains Sharp!

Children lose many academic skills throughout the summer because they’re not practicing them. In fact, teachers dedicate a week or more to re-learning academic concepts from the previous year at the beginning of the school year. 

While this refresher period can help your child catch up, adults all remember how the frustration of forgetting academic concepts over the summer and re-learning them in the fall.

If your child is already in school, enrolling them in Children’s Academy is still an excellent childcare choice! This is because our modified academic routine keeps kids sharp. They might not be learning new concepts, but they’re practicing ones they’ve already learned so they don’t feel behind and frustrated in the fall. 

These are just a few reasons why enrolling children in Children’s Academy during the summer is a wise childcare choice.